Spirit of the Sea

For those of you that love the sea, we will use a variety of techniques to help express it's changing moods photographically and to really become more creative


Groups of no more than 4.

Based in Anglesey the stunning and varied coastline will enable us to develop a variety of skills and to become more creative in capturing and expressing the sea in all it's moods.

This workshop is aimed at intermediate photographers. I will therefore assume you have a good grasp of the following:-

  • The use of variable apertures and how they affect
  • Depth of Field
  • how to move your focusing point and 'lock' it in position &
  • where you should focus to attain maximum dof
  • exposure control - including 'exposing to the right' and use of your histogram
  • basic compositional guidelines such as the 'rule of thirds' and the use of 'leading lines'
  • a basic understanding of the use of graduated neutral density filters (although we will refine this during this workshop).
  • an undestanding of minimum shutter speeds when hand holding
  • the creative use of white balance - preferably in camera
  • basic post processing skills in either photoshop or lightroom - i.e. levels, curves, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpening, & some

    • 'differential post processing work' on different areas of the picture in whatever way you find most 'comfortable.'
      (If you have any doubts that you have 'mastered' any of the above, you really would be better to do one of my 'ordinary' workshops first.)

      To really be able to further develop your creativity and be able to create more atmospheric seascapes, you need to master a further set of skills. By doing this, you will then be able to cultivate your own photographic style and start to produce more inspirational work.

      So, throughout the course of this workshop we will look at the following:-

      • The use of ND graduated filters - not simply in a 'straight' way but how to use them to produce more of a 'glow' to your photographs
      • long exposures - including the use of the Lee 'Big Stopper' (10 stop neutral density filter).
      • in camera multiple exposures - please check whether your camera can do this - and try to get a bit familiar with how it does it before the course
      • fast shutter speeds to really freeze the effect of waves and seaspray
      • creating a 'soft' focus effect in camera (whilst ensuring the picture still looks sharp!)
      • really capturing the light in and on the water
      • use of 'detail shots' to supplement your seascape portfolio
      • intentional camera movement
      • creative use of in camera white balance to supplement the mood of seascapes
      • further work around composition and 'seeing'
      • developing your own 'style'
      • further post processing work e.g. layer masks, multiple exposures, & some Nik software
      • light - how to find it and use it effectively
      • how to find your own locations - we can run a short project around this (preferably if it rains) where I set you all a little 'task' centred around this.
        • These are two day courses only - we cannot cover all of this effectively in only one day.

          Start times will vary with the seasons but you can expect a full day - with a break for a meal - including the golden hour and sunset. If you opt for two days you can also expect to do sunrise the following morning (unless you'd rather not get out of bed, it's not compulsory!) We will finish at around 5pm on day 2 to enable you to get home - or earlier if you need to.

          (N.B. From April15th to Aug 31st we will do either sunrise or sunset not both. This is because of the length of the days, and the earliest we will finish will be 9pm - often considerably later. Most participants are simply too exhausted to manage both sunrise and sunset on long days like this)

          The itinerary will need to be flexible to make the most of the British weather and the tides, however it is likely to include the following:

          Day 1 – Meet at The Pier House coffee shop on the seafront in Beaumaris - time to be notified approx 10 days prior to the workshop
          30 – 60 mins chatting – what do participants want from the day, what are their current skill levels etc.
          We will work all day with a break for a packed lunch and a further 'coffee stop' as needed and catch the evening golden hour somewhere appropriate to the tide on the west coast.
          In the spring, winter and autumn, paricipants will be able to get a hot meal after the sunset shoot. In the summer we will stop for an early evening meal and then resume for the golden hour.

          Day 2 – a sunrise shoot at a location suitable for the weather and tides
          A break for breakfast.
          We will work all day with a break for a packed lunch and a further 'coffee stop' as needed
          Perhaps some photoshop time dependent on the weather. (We may have done this on the previous day if the weather has been particularly bad).
          Departure time around 5 - 6 pm to enable people to get home.

          What’s included:
          Tuition including at least one photoshop session, coffee and snacks.
          A critique of 3 of your photos by e mail after the shoot & follow up by e mail as needed.

          What’s excluded:
          Cheryl can transport up to three people during the workshop, so some car sharing may be needed.
          NB book your accommodation in plenty of time – Anglesey is very popular
          I would recommend that you stay in Beaumaris as this will be convenient for meeting up on day 1 and for the sunrise shoot. There are often 'deals' on trip advisor for the Bulkeley Hotel and Churchbank, Victoria Cottage and Cleifiog B&B's are all very good, or there is plenty of other accommodation available - try these websites

          www.visitwales.co.uk or www.discoveranglesey.com, or www.angleseyaccommodation.co.uk

          Two days = £230

          Two people booking at the same time receive a 10% discount.

          All bookings require a minimum £50 deposit.

          Payment of the full amount is needed if you book less than 8 weeks prior to the workshop


          Feb 11 - 12 - now fully booked

          May 11 - 12 - now fully booked


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  • What should I bring?
  • Equipment
  • What follow up will I get?

Contact Cheryl hello@cherylhamer.com

or Tel: 07837014534